November 28, 2017
Holiday Cards – Tips for Celebrating the Season in the Inbox
The spirit of the season is upon us here at PWR. We’re busy creating holiday projects, from releases to sales pieces to – our faves – holiday cards. For most businesses, sending a holiday card is a great way to tell your business associates how much you appreciate them. Many orgs still opt for the traditional snail-mail card – it’s a nice way to trigger senses (folks touch these things you know) and evoke nostalgia. But e-cards have their own appeal: They’re sharable and social, they’re more environmentally friendly, they’re interactive (folks can reply!), and they’re usually more efficient. 

But there are a few things you should know before you hit send on that snazzy new e-card.

Get Personal:

We’re not fans of boring gray corporate speak anytime of the year, but this is especially true during the holidays. Take your e-card a step further by making it personal. Whether it is a collage of your staff throughout the year, a note from your leadership team (with a not too stuffy voice, of course), or a video of you rockstars singing a carol, pour yourself into this card. The holidays are about people. Your card should be too. 

Holiday Playlist

Last year, we pulled our team’s fave songs together to create a playlist we shared with our clients, vendors, and other stakeholders. Music is personal. This was a way to share our real selves with you. 

Respect the Season:

Make sure your card is truly about the spirit of the season. Put simply: Do not sell! Really. Even if you’re dedicated to incorporating calls-to-action in every asset you send into the world, this is the time to break that rule. Your card should be about you, your org, your appreciation of the relationship, your hopes for the future. And, it should be about them. It should not be about fundraising or money making or service pushing. Just the spirit of the season.

Zen Den

We sent this Zen Den card inviting subscribers to kick back and relax. Who doesnÕt want to spend a hot holiday minute sipping cocoa, reading the paper, taking a nap? It was a great way to share the spirit of the season with organizational stakeholders, sans sales messaging.
View this e-card here (Flash plugin required).

Make It Interactive:

One of the advantages of digital is that it is interactive. Sure, sending a lovely picture of your staff is a start, but why not take advantage of the medium by taking it a step further and making it interactive? Maybe you invite recipients to click on everyone in the staff pic to find out what’s on their wish list, or their favorite holiday recipe, for example. There’s no reason for your ecard to function like the postman dropped it off. Invite people to engage, respond, and share.

Snowball Fight

WhatÕs more interactive and seasonal than a snowball fight? This card invited subscribers to throw snowballs and hit targets. And to take it a step further, targets were personalized with staff photos.
View this e-card here (Flash plugin required).

We always invite you to reach out if you want to chat about your digital needs, but this time of year, we’re extra sincere….we do love brainstorming, creating and sharing holiday love. Ding us if you want our two cents on your seasons greetings. 

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