July 11, 2017
Gear up! 7 ways to synchronize
your social media initiatives with your
email outreach
So you’ve joined the social media bandwagon: You know where your target audience is so you’ve figured out what platforms make sense for your brand, your style/tone/voice is on point, you have an editorial calendar and know exactly who owns what project, and, you’ve even established metrics to measure your progress. You probably already even know that social ROI pales in comparison to email ROI so your expectations are reasonable and defined.

But have you considered the many ways you can ensure social and email are playing well together? In the forever-useful spirit of maximizing every outgoing communication, here are a few thoughts on incorporating social media into your email campaigns.

1. Norton Norris share iconsInclude share functionality on emails.
There are various ways to do this, ranging from share icons that make it easy for your subscribers to choose where to post your email, to channel specific icons that enable your email recipients to share on just Facebook, or just Twitter (or both!). Make sure to write share copy with an eye to length, and enable the automatic sharing of an appropriately sized image to make the most of each share.
2. The Joint Commission social channelsInvite subscribers to follow your band on social channels.
Another way to incorporate social icons into email is to add a Follow Us section, inviting your email subscribers to join you on Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter…whatever social channels your brand has chosen to invest in, or, simply the channels most appropriate to your email subscriber audience. (And don’t forget to remind social followers to subscribe to your list as well.)
3. BOSS TweetAdd a tweetable stat, quote or short comment.
Pulling key text out of your email and making it tweetable is another great way to incorporate Twitter into your email campaigns. Consider designing small snackable graphics or quote cards that add visual interest to your email and are shareable on Twitter to make this tactic even more effective.
4. KFC YouTubeEmbed a YouTube or Vimeo video.
If you have brand video that is relevant to your topic—behind-the-scenes, commercials, your CEO chatting about your new product—including it in emails is a great way to drive engagement, in the inbox and beyond. If your audience is the media or bloggers, make the video embed code easy to see, cut and reuse so they’re more likely to transfer your content to their own sites.
5. AMITA pinable graphicAdd Pinterest pins to your images.
If your brand has Pinterest-worthy graphics, it’s great to add a Pinterest pin inviting email subscribers to pin the image to their Pinterest page. This is not only effective with assets like recipes, DIY related images, and fashion shots—topics that lend themselves to the channel—but also with infographics, charts and quote cards.
6. Cruise Twitter wikiIncorporate a Twitter wiki.
Embedding a Twitter wiki into your emails makes it easy for folks to view posts about your domain or a hashtag. It’s a good way to share your Twitter presence with your email subscribers, even subscribers who aren’t on Twitter themselves.
7. Create and include a shareable slideshow.
Slideshows are a great way to share things like short tips, a series of images, surprising facts or even your most brilliant brand presentations. Using slideshows, Remington slideshowembedded into your email, makes your inbox content more interesting and makes it easy for subscribers to share your slideshow with their networks.
Email and social are a great combo, and they work well together. Have other ideas about how to add social to email? Send them our way—we’re always looking for creative, new ideas.
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– Source: The Grand Guide to B2B Content Marketing
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