August 8, 2017
Media Relations Resources for You
Working with so many fabulous PR pros keeps the PWR team on our toes. We work hard to keep on top of trends and shifting habits of communications teams, journalists and bloggers. And we love to proselytize about what we see working best. So here are some of our our team's fav pubic relations resources...

Earlier this year, we surveyed over 200 journalists. They told us what they think about news releases, social media, communicating with PR pros and more. Learn more here.

News Releases are a big thing for us, so we put our thoughts on what makes releases stand out, get noticed, and drive stories together. Learn more here.

Media-facing microsites are increasingly in high demand, both from clients and journalists. We share thoughts on how to put your best foot forward here.

We pay close attention to what’s working (and not) for our clients. Here are our thoughts on things that frequently deliver wins.

Here are 3 unexpected media relations tactics that work, presented by our veep, Malayna Evans, Ph.D.

Want even more Media Relations tips and resources? Check out our Media Relations Resource Center here.

Media Relations Resources
“81% of marketers agree that interactive content grabs more attention and 79% agreed that it enhances retention of branding messaging when combined with traditional marketing tactics.”

– Source: Content Marketing Institute and Ion Interactive
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Resource Resources
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Resource Visual Storytelling
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Resource Email
Email is our fav medium. Resources on maximizing email here.

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