September 6, 2016
100 words that trigger emotions
As marketing communications pros, we’re constantly told to elevate our writing so that it triggers an emotional response. And this is solid advice because emotions trigger dopamine (logic doesn’t). Dopamine is like a sticky for the brain — a sticky that tells our minds: “Remember this. This matters!”

That’s why storytelling is so effective and why headlines that trigger emotions drive more traffic. (Here’s a handy headline analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute you can use to test your headline’s emotional punch). One way to improve your emotional writing, is to simply focus on the emotions you want to evoke. Then, select a few words designed to trigger that response and utilize them. Easy but effective.

To make crafting emotional copy a little easier, here’s a handy list of words that evoke happiness and sadness. Give this tip a try and let us know how it goes.

50 Words to Make an Audience Feel Good

50 Words to Make an Audience Feel Bad

Language is abundant and evocative and just plain fun. We hope this starter list of emotional words is handy.

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5 quick ideas for an on-trend website that stands out
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–PWR New Media’s 2016 Journalist Survey
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