July 26, 2016
5 quick ideas for an on-trend website that stands out
We are crazy about websites--we are downright geeked out about things like parallax scrolling and responsive design and call-to-action buttons. But recently, we've run across a whole new challenge, not only for client projects but for our own recent site redesign: how to be on trend but also stand out.

Still don't see the problem? Well here's a little challenge for you: google the first five companies you think of. Sites look a bit alike? Yes, that's the issue. With the many benefits of shifting to customizable blog templates with their mobile optimization and built in optimizations, sites are starting to look an awful lot alike.

So how do you jump on this trendy bandwagon but stand out? Here are 5 quick ideas to consider when rebranding your site.

1. Select a bold color palette that bursts off the screen.

Bold Colors Website Example

2. Add surprising photography that triggers the senses, takes unexpected risks, or shows the human side of your product or service.

Midnight Baker Website Example

3. Tell your viewers a story using unique illustration to bring your site to life. 

Illustration Website Example

4. Use video wisely, featuring your talent, your product or your solution.

Video Website Example

5. Go flat and keep your site simpler, faster loading, and modern looking.

Flat Design Website Example

And remember, no matter how beautiful, no website truly delivers if it isn't easy to navigate, loaded with useful info, and inviting for both bots and humans.

5 quick ideas for an on-trend website that stands out
5 quick ideas for an on-trend website that stands out
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